A ferrocement pergola with raised beds, benches and firewood storage


A Home project… part of Appletree Haven’s intensive garden makeover. Finally it’s done! Many sidetracks and weather delays, and a few health delays too! This pergola is quite big – 8 metres by about 3.2 all up.

I continue to refine techniques, especially the making of ferro round section beams… also made a new bender, and got a bigger (125mm) angle grinder with ultrathin cutoff disks for quick cutting of rebar especially all the square mesh I’m using now for all but the fully rounded shapes. I used a spray pack with handpump for applying the iron sulphate solution for the rusty finish stain… way faster than brushing on! Here are some more photos of the final product, followed by some of the building thereof.20171007_123229




3 thoughts on “A ferrocement pergola with raised beds, benches and firewood storage

  1. You bring joy to life with your creations.
    You must live a country that allows expression.

    In Australia; neighbours, council and state building codes would make it hell to apply for building permission. Yes that is a structure…

    So from Facist central blessing to all the Free.

    • Hi…well sometimes it’s not as bed as we imagine red tape wise… but we do have friendly neighbours… and actually I think the bylaws don’t have anything against pergolas. ..anyway we didn’t apply for any peemits!

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