Moon/sun gate vision concrescing

This is two trial drawings I’ve just done for the moon (/sun) gate (about 8foot…2.4 metres- diameter) I plan to do as soon as humanly possible 🙂 probably will do plaster model/s about a foot high to see how they look in 3d. The bottom one would have the sun opening set back from the knot circle with a short ‘tunnel’ joining them…

Facing out over the Eastern sea perhaps… Comments welcomed!


2 thoughts on “Moon/sun gate vision concrescing

  1. As always, I love your work in cement. Although more work is involved, the second piece with the short tunnel is more sensual. Until I read the description a second time, I liked your first drawing. I like how the sun and moon are “joined but separate” in your second drawing. Just as in life they are joined in support of each other but have opposite purposes. Thank you for sharing.

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