A bespoke sculpture with hands

A while ago now I did this – a long journey consulting with the parents of the young man who made this ‘sunwheel’ sculpture of radiating goat horns. They had it cast in bronze years later and wanted a support for it to spin in their garden as a memorial for their son. I’ll try to post the photos they took and we took in some sort of logical order…. The plaque I made by etching an aluminium plate then making a mould and casting it in white cement and bronzing it with copper sulphate, as I did with the pedestal and hands…

Footing - 2



FirstCoat - 1



1 thought on “A bespoke sculpture with hands

  1. The end product is só beautiful! Do you use micro fibres in the cement mix?
    Hi …thanks! Yes for the first bulk coat, the fine polypropylene fibre sold by plasterers suppliers… Final cost was just cement with marigold pigment, smoothed on with latex gloves. Then for a bronze look I out a few washes of copper sulphate solution. For a more rust like effect I wash with iron sulphate. Both these are sold in garden centers for moss control etc..

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