Fantastic News – Eutopia in good (new) hands

Last month we found our perfect buyers for the work in progress, that poor baby of arrested development: our cafe Eutopia site. The couple are local to Kaiwaka, have recently masterfully finished their big beautiful dream house/castle on the Kaipara, complete with tower, mosaic floors, sculptures, pottery pillars, ferrocement features, driftwood banisters and more, and want a new artistic challenge. I hope they will let me put up some photos of their place soon – and the ongoing work at Eutopia too…

So, the building will soon begin again at Eutopia. The cafe will be closed for as long as it takes them to lovingly mosaic, plaster and paint the courtyard, as well as a lot more by the sound of it! They have carte blanche from me – now it’s their turn to build the dream and extend it! Just in case, I have retained the rights to design other eutopia ferrocement-featured cafes elsewhere, but whether that happens depends on who may want to run a cafe with that name and look (not identical to kaiwaka, but designed and perhaps sculpted by me), and whether I can get the time to promote such a creation (writing and jewellery call – see for what I’m up to in the jewellery line).


1 thought on “Fantastic News – Eutopia in good (new) hands

  1. Hi Peter – good to hear that Eutopia has been sold. I was in there last week and saw a notice advertising it for sale I hope the sale eases your financial worries!.

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